Multiple Saw Trimmer

Multiple Saw Trimmer


Pendu heavy duty Multiple Saw Trimmers require little maintenance, give steady productive service and stand up to your toughest operations. Each ruggedly built Multiple Saw Trimmer is easily adjustable to provide you with the versatility to produce the length of boards or cants you need. In addition, Multiple Saw Trimmers are available with a variety of options for increased flexibility and higher productivity.


Trimmer Length

16' Length capacity standard (Shorter and Longer length capacity available)

Material Thickness

3/4" Minimum to 7-1/2" Maximum with 22" diameter blade (8-1/2" Thickness with 24" diameter blade)

Blade Diameter

22″ Standard


1-3/4" diameter, 1-3/8" diameter where saw goes on (2000 RPM)

Arbor Drive

10 HP and belt drive standard (Upgrades to 15 HP and 20 HP available for required applications)

Inclined Transfers

Use 2080 roller Chain with (6) lugs (Extra lugs available up to 12 per transfer maximum)

Transfer Drive

1.5 HP VFD with feed speeds of 13 to 18 Lugs per minute standard. (Faster feed speeds available upon request up to 40 lugs per minute)

Saw Guards

Overhead, manually adjusted

Waste Conveyor

30" Wide smooth top belt with 1 HP electric drive

Dust Outlets

Optional, single/double transfer dust outlet adapter, one each per transfer (4")

Even Ending Rolls

Optional driven rolls each transfer driven from 1 HP electric drive

Drop Blade

Optional Drop blade console controlled Hydraulic actuated (Per head) Self contained 1 GPM hydraulic unit with 1 HP electric motor (For drop blade)

Automatic Saw Set-up

Optional includes PLC with 6” touchscreen to set length parameters and modem for remote access

Servo Positioned Transfers

Optional bottom transfer and top hold down positioned by servo motor with rack drive (Accuracy +/- .06)

Trimmer In-feeds

Optional chain decks with board feeder or cant feeder available

Trimmer Outfeeds

Optional board belt conveyors or cantilevered roll case

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