The Pendu Bark Conveyor / Barn Cleaner is the low cost, low maintenance answer to versatile by-product removal. With a Pendu Bark Conveyor you can easily remove bark, sawdust, chips, edgings, trimmings, scrap, blocks, and sweepings. Adaptable to a wide variety of configurations – straight line or any combination of 45, 90, or 180 degree angles – Pendu Bark Conveyors can be elevated up to 35 degrees to deposit material into trucks, hoppers, or piles. Constructed of a heavy-duty steel trough, 2″ steel angle paddles, and available with optional return skirting and leg/brackets. The Pendu Bark Conveyor is driven by our exclusive 5/8″ heat-treated oval link chain.



All steel chain


5/8″ heat treated oval link


2″ steel angle welded to chain

Drive Options

G200 gear head drive for distances up to 90′, G300 gear head drive for distances up to 125′, G500 gear head drive for distances up to 250′

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