High Speed Two Saw Trimmer


Pendu high speed two-headed trim saw provides full-size capabilities for manufacturing material to size from 3/4” to 9” maximum height. The high-speed two saw trimmer features two saws, one adjustable and one stationary. Both are fitted with 22” or 24” saw blades and driven by powerful 10 HP electric motors allowing you to power through lumber with ease. If you’re looking for a high-speed trim saw that’s versatile, dependable, and economical, this is the saw for you.


Blade Diameter

22″ or 24″ diameter with top and bottom guards

Length of Cut Stock

42″ min. to 16′ max.

Feed Rate



10 HP motor, 1950 RPM

Programmable Setworks

18 pre- sets (extra sets optional)

Saw Transfer Speed

10 feet per second

Get the Pendu difference today and achieve the production you deserve tomorrow.

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