Panel Boring Machine

Panel Boring Machine


The Pendu Railway Crossing Panel Laminating and Boring machine efficiently laminates timbers together and bores holes with countersinks to produce crossing panels that are ready for installation. The Laminating and Boring machine can laminate 200 panels in an 8 hour shift. Total material width of 1 to 4 timbers can range from 6″ to 32″. Material can be 6″ to 12.5″ tall and 7′ to 24′ long. The dowel and drill positions are controlled by computerized stops.


Laminating Speed

200 per 8 hour shift

Material Range

6″ to 32″ wide (1 to 4 timbers), 12 1/2″ tall, 7′ to 24′ long


Vertical and Horizontal at operations

Drill/ Dowel Adjustment Range

Horizontal: 3″ to 5″ from roll bed, Verticle 9″ to 11″ from horizontal drill center (along ballast), 4″ to 23″ range (8″ between heads, across ballast.)


14″, 18″ and 28″ long dowels (3/4″ diameter)

Dowel and Drill Position

6″ to 24′ range


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