4 Side Sizer


Produce uniform sized timbers for railway crossties and other applications efficiently with the Pendu Four Side Sizer. 4 powerful heads and 2800 RPM belt driven armors allow this timber sizer run at speeds up to 40 feet per minute. The 4 Side Sizer can handle material 3″ – 20″ wide, 2″ – 17″ high, and 7′ – 30′ long. This is the most efficient way to produce perfectly sized timber for crossing panels and other applications every time!


Max. Speed

40′ per minute

Number of Heads



Width- 3″, Height- 2″ to 17″, Length- 7′ to 30′

Belt Driven Arbors

2800 RMPs

Get the Pendu difference today and achieve the production you deserve tomorrow.

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